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Founded in the early 2000s in northern France, Capensis is an IT Services Company 100 % dedicated to Linux and Open Source technologies.

For over 20 years, Capensis has had just one objective at heart : to offer reliable, custom-made and long-term infrastructure solutions, providing a genuine alternative to proprietary environments.

That’s the spirit in which Canopsis, our hypervision solution, was created!

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Canopsis history

Created in 2011 with all Capensis know-how, Canopsis is the first Open Source hypervision solution!

Powerful and ergonomic, it centralizes, processes and presents all information system events thanks to a wide range of functions: filters, enrichment, alarm lists, correlation, remediation, service weather, monitoring tables, KPIs, maps, etc.

The different versions

  • Multi-source aggregation
  • Construction of customized views
  • Alarm list
  • Evolution of the UI (responsive)
  • Improved filtering
  • Notifications
  • Correlation
  • Global graphic redesign
  • Rights management 2.0
  • Remediation
  • Planning
  • Scenarios
  • KPIs
Canopsis 22.10
  • Change of versioning
  • Maps
  • Pattern ergonomics
  • Labels
Canopsis 23.04
  • Metrology
  • Ticketing
  • Repository sync
  • Link manager
  • Theme customization
  • Widget templates
Canopsis 23.10
  • Receiving third-party metrics
  • Alarm live tracking
  • Maintenance mode
  • Multi-role profile
  • WebUI customization
  • High availability
  • Smartfeeder

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Canopsis and observability

About us Canopsis - Schema hypervision open source observability

Canopsis takes action for bees

Thanks to our partnership with Un Toit pour les Abeilles, we are committed to safeguarding bee populations and preserving biodiversity.

For each new customer of the solution, we sponsor the installation of a 40,000-bee hive in a French apiary and the planting of 100 m² of melliferous fallow land in the surrounding area.