Canopsis publisher support

Open Source hypervision experts at your service



Take advantage of our publisher support to ensure maximum availability of your platform:


  • Reactive response to incidents
  • Local teams
  • Annual contract associated with each subscription
Service maintenance Canopsis


Stay at the cutting edge of Open Source hypervision with the latest Canopsis developments:


  • Two major releases per year
  • Delivery of security patches and fixes
  • Upgrade support (extra)


Benefit from a dedicated support portal for:


  • Reporting incidents and requests
  • Accessing case tracking and history
  • Visualizing your contract (validity, statement of account...)


Count on us to meet all your expectations via:


  • Remote control
  • Visio / telephone
  • Portal / mail


Find the right support package for your needs:


  • Unlimited security: business hours (7/5) or total coverage (24/7)
  • With a predefined number of tickets for a controlled budget: 10 tickets (HO-10) or 20 tickets (HO-20)
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Canopsis, the sense of service

All about Canopsis services

  • Validation of the adequacy Canopsis – Project
  • Setting up a model (POC or POV)
  • Support and assistance during product testing

Canopsis Services

  • Audit and formalization of your needs
  • Technical architecture design
  • Definition of functional aspects

Canopsis Services

  • Deployment and configuration of Canopsis
  • Installation of additional tools
  • Documentation and skills transfer

  • Realization of specific functionalities
  • Creation and customization of connectors
  • Adapting to customer environments

Canopsis Services

  • Analysis of your expectations and constraints
  • Proposal of a catalog or personalized offer
  • Implementation of the defined educational plan

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Canopsis services at the heart of our client approach

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