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Customize your alarms with tags / labels!

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Classification and display of alarms according to predefined labels.

Tags are information associated with alarms, for example:

  • alarm categorization (application, technical…)
  • alarm environment definition (production, qualification…)
  • definition of the potential impact of an alarm…

:bulb: 2023 update: Tags can be managed directly in Canopsis (creation, editing, affection…).

:bulb: Update 2024: Addition of two enrichment actions for manipulating tags

  • set_tags
    Set tags
  • set_tags_from_template
    Set tags from template

For more information on labels and many other features of our Open Source hypervision solution, visit the Canopsis documentation. Any unanswered questions? You can also contact our team directly via the contact form.


  • Supervision pilots
  • Administrators

Added value

  • Relevance
  • Operational efficiency