Boost your IS by enriching events as they arrive in Canopsis!

Active feature 100%

The enrichment engine adds information to the incoming event:

  • By the raw information provided by the event itself
  • Via “asynchronous” querying of an external repository
    External source APIs can be used to enrich the Canopsis repository by querying the entire database.
  • Via “on-the-fly” interrogation of an external repository
    APIs can be used to optimize data storage by querying the repository for a specific element. Ideal for cloud applications!

Here are a few examples:

  • Importance – How severe is the event?
  • Impact – How many users are affected?
  • Location – Where is the equipment involved?
  • Others – How do I categorize a created alarm? What is the associated instruction?

For more information, visit the dedicated article and the Canopsis documentation.


  • Supervision pilots
  • Administrators
  • Application managers

Added value

  • Relevance
  • Decision support
  • Time saving
  • Operational efficiency