Roadmap Canopsis Fonctionnalité expérience du pilotage steering experience

With the Steering experience module, you can intervene more reactively thanks to machine learning!


Present the user with relevant information from key events, thanks to the Steering Experience feature.

These recommendations from Canopsis will ensure greater responsiveness, better quality in the IT department’s response, and better compliance with service contracts.

Example of recommendations:

  • Instructions
  • Waiting to be observed
  • Non-action awaiting self-resolution

Alarms contextualized in this way support the user’s decision, supporting the recommendation with tangible statistics (such as the monthly number of occurrences of the alarm encountered).

For more information on the various Canopsis modules (and soon Steering Experience), visit our technical documentation (in French, please use your browser translator to read in other languages).. Any unanswered questions? You can also contact our team via contact form.


  • Supervision pilots
  • Administrators
  • Application managers

Added value

  • Operational efficiency
  • Decision support
  • Continuous improvement
  • Valuation