With Canopsis & Rundeck, take full advantage of the possibilities of hypervision! In a large-scale IS, several monitoring tools are at work. That’s when a centralized supervision console becomes indispensable… Especially when it saves you precious time in resolving your alarms.

Canopsis in a nutshell

Created in 2011 by the company Capensis, Canopsis is the first Open Source hypervision solution on the market! Canopsis collects events from various sources in your IS, processes them and presents you with relevant alarms through customizable dashboards.

How Canopsis works

Remediation in Canopsis

The Remediation feature was introduced with the release of V4 at the beginning of the year. This module lists all the instructions and provides a turnkey procedure for each alarm listed. This way, the support teams have intuitive and streamlined procedures to follow as soon as they receive the alarms!

Alarm with a guideline in Canopsis

Interactions between Canopsis & Rundeck

Perhaps your standard instructions include temporary (sometimes even permanent) workarounds such as “Restart service X” or “Empty file Y”. Since these tasks are tedious and time-consuming, it is more than likely that you will want to automate them.

Well, you should know that Canopsis can take advantage of your Rundeck “jobs” to perform remediation tasks as part of a procedure! When it is assigned to an alarm and has one or more automated steps, you can trigger these tasks directly from your alarm box.

Let’s see how a support team can benefit from Canopsis & Rundeck remediation for rapid resolution without repetitive manual operations:

Canopsis & Rundeck remediation

We are planning to integrate an option into Canopsis that will automatically launch a task when a specific alarm is triggered… All without human intervention!

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