Following the release of the 4th version at the end of January, we are pleased to announce the launch of Canopsis V4.1! On the menu: three innovations to make it even easier to hypervise and monitor your IS. Ready to discover this new version? We’ll show you around!

#1 Introduction of an action log system on the platform

To begin with, Canopsis 4.1 includes a log of all the actions taken.

A line is now created in the solution logs for every action performed, whether it’s:

Traceability and transparency of information are at the heart of this innovation! Already available on Planning, Heartbeat and Remediation, it will be implemented on all objects in a near future.

#2 Interaction between the Planning and Remediation features in Canopsis V4.1

We talked about it in our article on remediation, but this new version makes it a reality! It is now possible to make guideline assignments linked to temporality.

More specifically, an alarm can have different guidelines depending on the periods defined by pbehaviors (e.g. day/night, week/weekend…).

Ideal for making remediation in Canopsis even more relevant and personalized!

#3 Implementation of a homogeneous reconnection policy

The third and final new feature is the standardization of the reconnection process to third-party services.

Thanks to Canopsis V4.1, it is now possible to define a custom reconnection policy to MongoDB, Redis and RabbitMQ by choosing among the following variables:

To conclude, Canopsis V4.1 takes hypervision and monitoring one step further, while emphasizing traceability, customization and IS performance!

V4.2 is due for release in a month’s time, but we’re not done with this version yet. We’ll be back soon to talk about the improvements offered by Canopsis V4.1.

Want to know more? Go to documentation!