In Canopsis, periodic behaviors, or pbehaviors, define the phases during which “behavior changes” are required.

The development of Canopsis V4 was an opportunity to completely rethink this feature, emphasizing the solution’s customizability and reliability. The module’s redesign is part of a drive toimprove performance that began with the multi-instantiation (parallelization) of engines. Renamed Planning, it can now absorb much higher event traffic in record time.

While Remediation was a Pro Edition exclusive, we have good news for Community Edition users… Planning is now available on the Open Core version! Want to find out more? Find out what this new feature can do for your IS.

Characteristics of periodic behaviors on Planning

Periodic behaviors allow behaviors initially defined on the platform to be changed over a given period of time.

Service windows

To begin with, creating service slots for all or some of the components of an IS enables you to prioritize certain components at specific times of the day.

This materialization of application criticality is therefore particularly useful for transcribing SLA terms and conditions in Canopsis.


Thanks to the Planning module, you can also schedule maintenance for an entity. Many interventions can trigger “false” alarms: switching off a machine, restarting a service…

More concretely, you choose whether or not to make them visible in the Alarm List and Service Weather, but whatever happens, they will only be activated if they persist post-maintenance.


It is also possible to declare an application “paused“.

This mode is particularly useful when responding to an alarm raised in an automated scenario. Without it, the scenario would continue to generate alerts while the problem is being resolved.

With Planning, the right alerts are presented to the right people at the right time!

Tailor-made periodic behaviours

Customization has not been forgotten! It’s now possible to create your own pbehaviors types, especially for integrating exceptional dates into Canopsis.

Enjoy better time management with planning that’s as close to reality as possible!

Audiences targeted by the overhaul of periodic behaviors

Steering teams

For pilots, the main advantage of the Planning module is that it saves time. They focus only on relevant alarms, limiting “false positives”.

Visibility is another advantage of this feature. Each alarm shows the current pbehaviors of the application generating it. Better still, teams have access to a complete history of all interventions that have taken place.

With Planning, alarms are represented as accurately as possible: they are only activated in case of legitimate problems.

Application managers

In addition to making pbehavior information available in the Alarm List, the feature also displays them on the Service Weather. Managers have a 360° view of the state of the IS at a glance.

Canopsis APIs also automate the process of creating maintenance slots in the event of a “change”. No more double entry!

The IS as a whole

All information, with and without pbehaviors, is integrated into the data lake. As a result, the IT department can build factual, tailor-made KPIs based on the objectives set out in the service contracts.

Interaction between periodic behaviors and alarm management

Alarm management process as part of periodic behaviors

An applied example

Context: Maintenance is scheduled on the Accounting application from 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm by the Change Manager.

Maintenance feedback on Canopsis

2:36pm: Alarm generated in the Accounting application

Alarm bin: Alarm created but not activated

Pbehaviors - Example 2b

Service Weather: Accounting tile remains in maintenance

2:45 pm: Maintenance period lifted but alarm still present

Alarm List: Alarm activation

Pbehaviors - Example 3b

Service Weather: Tile impact of alarm activation

Triggering the remediation process

See dedicated article

For over 10 years, Canopsis has been breaking new ground in hypervision and monitoring by offering an all-inclusive package (including support and maintenance) with a simple, attractive pricing system.

True to its open source philosophy, Canopsis is also enhancing its community version. That’s why the new Planning feature is available on Community and Pro Edition !

Plans for the future? The teams are already working on a new development:interaction between Planning and Remediation to adapt instructions to a given period.

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