At this very special beginning of May, our Open Source hypervision solution continues to deliver new things. On the Canopsis V3.40 menu: multi-instantiation of engines, display of announcements to users and, above all, the famous new correlation! Follow the guide…

Multi-instantiation of engines in Canopsis V3.40

A quick reminder:

In previous versions, these engines could only instantiate once.

With ever-increasing volumes to be processed and more and more management rules, our supercar took on the appearance of a car without a license as we climbed a mountain!

Canopsis V3.40 now corrects the situation by allowing its engines to launch several times simultaneously on the same environment… Engines are multi-instantiable!

So what does this mean in concrete terms?


Canopsis is the information system’s control tower and, like passenger information panels, our solution features a message announcement tool.

Messages are pre-programmed and customized to meet specific color codes.
This feature can come in very handy during scheduled maintenance, for example.


The correlation engine makes its appearance in this new version of Canopsis. We already mentioned it a few weeks ago in an article on our blog: Correlation in Canopsis.

A major tool for limiting the number of alarms in team processing lists, correlation offers multiple rule possibilities in Canopsis V3.40:

In conclusion on Canopsis V3.40…

Canopsis V3.40 brings new features and a higher processing speed… The best thing you can do is try it out!